Trying to plan to maximise my time : I think I will aim to write 2oo – 250 words a day – doesn’t seem too difficult in theory – let’s see how I go.  I’ll try to do it on top of the other stuff – like data analysis as my supervisor said I should […]

Finally confirmed – and it only took me 6.5 years – 3 universities and 11 supervisors!

Did I ever mention that I hate systemic linguistics?

Can’t work – so tired waiting for my super vegan powers to kick in. Husband on cooking strike because I am making him go on a diet. Not midnight yet but I am done. But the exciting thing is that my Kindle is in Salalah so it made it through customs:  here’s hoping all […]

How to write a confirmation paper from Salalah to Gloucester –  and back but really that didn’t help (cont) Step 2 Salalah to Muscat – 1.5 hour plane trip I always work in 1 hour blocks so I figured it was just the perfect amount of time to get a good start but I forgot about […]

Step 1: Get a good night sleep the night before. Ok so not such a great start  

OMG I think I have truly chosen the most boring pointless PhD topics in the history of PhD topics Ha ha I wrote that before reading the Post grad conference timetable.  Now I know I picked a bad topic I wish I had picked: Response of broiler chickens to diets containing different levels of sodium […]

Dear Jennifer, Thank you very much for sending your conceptual framework. Am really looking forward to talking more about your project on Wednesday. In the meantime, here are some references you might like to consider as you develop your literature review:       in Mendeley (This will be in the UNE library if not […]