So interesting looking back over this and seeing all my ideas being dashed.   I note especially the research group and the ethics process.  I am wondering right now whether my ethics papers are all floating out to sea.  What will that mean if it has happened?  Is this a turning point or yet another start […]

My first attempts were very complex as I tried to capture everything of importance in the student’s writing.  I am now going to the other extreme and making very simple ones: adding only those lexical items that seem to add to cohesion.  This includes inaccurate ones but not anything so accurate it confuses rather than […]

Oh My goodness!!! Pretty excited about the link to Zotero.  I am going to have to check this out when it is not just an excuse not to make lexical strings, which I think I can also do on this!! What does it mean to import an ontology, I wonder? I am as yet […]

I have started this category to encourage myself to think about the bigger picture and how I can write this all up in some meaningful way.  Of course my fear is that I will find that it is not very important for us to teach our students good English and any token amount of English […]

Does the teacher really value dense writing? – does anyone anymore – publish widely for a wide audience?  I believe we are seeing the popularisation of academic writing; we are unpacking the nominalisations for the modern (lazy) audience

First attempt to do lexical strings in 3 egs of student writing. I am having trouble knowing how to categorise the type of connection.  One eg is when it is an adjective or a quality of the head word item.  This seems neither a sub class or part.  I am also not sure whether to […]

Skype meeting 05.12.17- From Tblisi Summary Action require Update Research questions I said how to actually do the data analysis was worrying me–I am trying to read but feel unfocused because SFL feels too vast so am wanting some direction so a fair bit of discussion was about that: Susan said:  get back to research […]

Answer for Zuocheng re whether the comments on the English essays were by me or another teacher: Another teacher.  Along with one round of ethics edits I was told, “We would prefer Jennifer not to use her own students” This is a little tricky as technically nobody is still my student by the time I […]


Is Arabic academic language flowery?   What about Fleshed out? – Can someone who uses this in their English writing accuse Arabic of being flowery?