It all starts here.

That’s a lie of course. Everybody’s research starts long before their research diary, which is what this is by the way: A research diary to accompany my EdD. That’s a Education Doctorate for those asking. Everyone does.
ay, there’s the rub

The great procrastinator


It’s kind of like a PhD only the Ph is replaced with an Ed because it is specific to Education not general as in Philosophy.

To EdD or not to EdD?  That is the question?  Should I do an EdD or stick to a PhD?  Someone once said to me

“It’s a bit like having a baby.  Immediately after people want to know was it a natural birth or a cesarian?  But eventually the child is a person not it’s birth and no-one even thinks to ask.”

Still, it has caused me much grief deciding between the 2.  Either way, the point of the exercise seems to be to procrastinate. I have already milked as much time as I can out of that choice and now need another distraction.  Hence this blog.  A brilliant stroke of procrastination if I do say so myself.  I actually started creating it a good week or more ago before I even began on this, the 1st post.

My standing desk

My standing desk

Anyway finally I have begun and you will see my 1st step was to set up my standing desk.  Sitting gives me backache.  You will also see my 1st ethical dilemma of my research right there.  Do I keep this site Gulf appropriate?  My computer is sitting on a beer box.  Who knows how I might want to use this blog in the future?  When I spotted this problem I immediately covered the label with white paper and took another picture, but I have decided to go with the 1st one.  My reasoning is this.  I don’t yet know my final research question.  Along the way I hope to explore several questions.   All of these are likely to relate to teaching English as a foreign language.  Native Speakers (people who speak the target language as their 1st language) tend to be the preferred teachers in this field.  Part of the task is alway bridging the cultural divide.  As my research is not removed from my work, I intend to include problems I am having in the classroom.  Some of these may arise from my cultural inappropriateness.  To make it worthwhile I feel I need to be honest about this.

The blog idea also because I won’t be working with my supervisors until next year as I am officially on leave while I check out what research is possible and useful in my new situation.  Having a blog makes me feel less lonely about th fact that I am actually working alone.

So that is the start.  All I have to do is hit publish and I will know I have begun.  Hmm…..There must be some reason not to do that…….Oh OK here goes




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