The Book

effectiveacademicwritingMy supervisors directed me to a book, which, to my understanding might direct the conceptual framework of my study.   I don’t have the book yet and there is no preview available in Google books.  But I found this much:

the book

It appears to be just a textbook with all the standard headings of an academic writing textbook.  Nothing Special.

Why is their book relevant to me?
What on earth do they expect me to do with it?

I did a quick Google scholar search on the authors.   They are Australian – What do they write about?

To my great horror I find:

 Systemic Functional Linguistics

shockOh No! Vague memories of Halliday and seemingly ridiculously complicated systems of thinking about language begin to haunt me.  I guess that must be what it is about.  I guess that makes sense but I am filled with dread at the type of research project that might utilise this.  I can’t imagine ever being inspired by such a project.  I think it is too hard.  I wonder who else will be interested.

I am waiting for the book to arrive in the mail.  Maybe I will see something else when it arrives but I fear the worst.




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