Yet again I have spent 1/2 the day playing with the aesthetics of this blog!  When I finally managed to drag myself on task I started to clean up my Mendeley.  I love Mendeley and want to try to use it to it’s full potential which I feel convinced is great.  Also, before I left home I threw away 11 large black folders worth of articles!  Really I feel if they are not digitalised, they are not useful to me.

I have SO much in there and much of it is really interesting but I have not really read it.  However, sadly the most interesting stuff by far is the neuropsychology stuff.  Really I think it would be fun to go back and become an undergrad and study neuropsychology.

Anyway I am trying not to become distracted as that stuff is not relevant to me now except perhaps if I do some research with some of my colleagues – there are some here also interested in this area.

I am looking for the most useful way to tag and organise scanned PDFs.  The content of these will not come up on searches so the tagging is important.  Also there are a whole lot of bits and pieces from the same book which I had previously saved separately but then Mendeley thinks it is a duplicate because it is the same reference (not really a big problem but it makes looking for real duplicates more time consuming as I have to check if they really are duplicates).  I was logging the pages in the page no (as if they were separate references but now I realise I can just save all the PDFs for 1 book under the reference for that book as you can upload multiple files for each reference. this is much quicker.  I am just tagging the bits so I can find them.  I guess I’ll have to create separate references if I use any individually authored chapters.

I have 2 days off work because of a potential hurricane so I hope I can stop changing my theme and get something done.



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