I have a plan

A quick check in of what I have been doing to keep myself doing:

  • I have been inspired by my colleagues trying to publish their article to try to publish something already done.
  1. Have contacted my colleague re the rejected paper and we have decided to try to assimilate the advice they gave us (2nd lot)  and submit to another journal.
  2. Have sourced some possible journals for my TESOL presentation which is essentially my 1st confirmation idea and I will try to write it up.

Choosing a journal is a pain in the butt!

Anyway I went on to Scopus and saved some names on  graphs.

For the TESOL Arabia presentation I think I will try one of the Oxford journals English Language Teaching as it says they are not really for primary research and more about relating theory to practice.  This suit as the research I used for this presentation was just a very small pilot.  My point was really : – This theory probably applies strongly to Arabic learners and we need to consider it in our classrooms.  I had a browse and the articles seem to sit around what I imagine I would write.  Also, these are short articles, 3 500 to 4000 words.  The impact factor is good but not at the top.    I think this is a good start for me.  

What I learnt from browsing these journals is that it was a very good thing that I changed my topic.  Really that topic does sit in the Neuroscience journals.  While these are very interesting to me, they are really too hard.  They are out of my field.  I am interested in bringing this theory to my practice and sharing it with other teachers but I cannot write directly to Neuroscientists.  

As to the 2nd article about student support, I have sent some suggestions to my colleague and hopefully she will check out the scope of a few of them and see.  

Once again I see that little is written from the perspective of an international student advisor.  There is plenty for counselors but that is quite a different thing.  It made me feel it is good to get this work out there.

I have re-read Inger Mewburn’s

How to write a journal article in 7 days

and decided to give it a try next week as our holiday is has been delayed until the following week.  This article is already written – between my presentation notes and my confirmation draft.  When I downloaded this picture for “I have a plan”,  a line I once delivered as Susan B Anthony in Kopit’s Chamber Music I was reminded of Mewburn’s advice (originally from Stephen King):Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.

Kill Your Darlings

“Out with the old and in with the new”. -Susan B Anthony – Camber Music, Arthur Kopit.

I must take some advice given to me 2 years back from a very trusted advisor.  Publish something from the work I have already done on this topic and then see where I am and move on to something more suitable to my new circumstances.


  • I have put a message out on a couple of the local Facebook pages to see if anyone else is doing a Research Higher degree by correspondence that might be interested in forming a support group.  I thought we could help each other with things like publishing opportunities.  The thing is all the info around this is very western centered and maybe doesn’t reach the right audience for us.
  • I have begun to make enquiries about how to get ethical approval for research at my college.  To be honest I don’t think there actually is such a thing but I will endeavor to establish who could give me a signature or a stamp or something.
  • I have realised I need a study timetable. Now I have set all my plates spinning I need to be sure that I don’t let any drop.  I will make that NOW. well now I will have lunch, then I will do it.



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