On Task – I think

Hmm well I thought I had already posted this but clearly I hadn’t.  Anyway  I finally got round to doing a study plan and am beginning to begin to work for real – rather than just thinking about it.nosocial I have made it full-time: 40 hr a week so we’ll see how I go with that.  I am hoping to knock over some hours at work while we have no students.  I included extra time for studying Arabic and exercise but I counted article writing within the 40 hrs as I think it is kind of part of it to try to get published even if it is not the same subject.

I have set 1 hour blocks for each of the different projects I currently have on the go.  Hopefully I will manage to stay on task that long.

The projects I included are:


I am really enjoying working through the course though actually I am only up to week 2.  – I am not sure how that has happened when I have been working on it for months now???

Research proposal

Still no closer to having a topic though I am thinking something about differences in attitudes between degree teaching staff and prep teaching staff might be good. – esp re digital literacy requirements. – might be one element in a portfolio type dr.

ZU article 

Have asked one of the Omani teachers to collaborate.  My biggest problem seems to be connecting my list of questions with visual perception.  Considering Oxford ELT journal.  Need to decrease the word count a bit for this one which is probably good.  If not will try ZUs own.

Griffith Article.

Thinking of re-submitting to Compare just re-reading now will rework lit review to make theoretical perspective clearer.  

This Blog – research diary


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