Post Christmas blur

Well thus far I have not stuck to my study timetable at all.  Well it was Christmas and all that.  SO now we are back from our Christmas break (Conveniently Christmas Eve was Mohammed’s birthday then Christmas Day was Friday so the start of the weekend which also gave us boxing day off) so I am back to it.

Theoretical FrameworkI am struggling with the whole paradigm thing.  I guess need some method of mapping what is actually being taught to what is meant to be taught to what they need in the uni.

SFL raises its awful head again.  I see my supervisors have used another framework under this banner.  I think I need to go back to the textbook they asked me to buy and think some more about it.  Should I read Halliday and see how it explains the textbook? Seriously I don’t want to do that.

Meanwhile I have been plodding away on the 2 articles.  Once again it is the theoretical positioning that is the problem with both of them – As in I didn’t have one!

Well I think for want of a better plan I shall just continue to plod through my supervisor’s published work and maybe do some more background reading on paradigms in general.  I need to get rid of these other articles and focus – though interestingly the last supervisor article I read works well with the Shaping article.  Maybe I will put some time into looking at the framework they used – not for that article but for my research.



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