love readingI have been plodding away with lots of reading and quite enjoying it:

Re-reading a lot of theoretical stuff that I haven’t read for a very long time

Wishing I had all my books with me – but when I had them I had never actually even unpacked them!  I wonder if I will ever have a library with a big comfy chair? Of course I couldn’t even sit on it because of my back so enough romantic drivel. – still I would rather have some books than all this online stuff.

I have read most of the textbook and made my peace with the likelihood of using Systemic Functional Linguistics. I have also got some ideas for framing the research from reading through the EdDs we have to read in the unit.  However, at the moment I think every paradigm ever invented could describe my research.  Critical theory is appealing: showing how we are trying to force our standards of assessment and scholarship when really they are probably inappropriate and unuseful.  I grapple with the issue of empowerment in critical theory – who are the disempowered in this situation?lense


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