The countdown until term begins is on.

Just a few days now until I need to start study again in earnest.  I need to timetable 35 hrs a week so this will seriously impact my social life!

I have some pieces of writing that I probably should just let go of  but as yet can’t.  Some research I have done in the past.  One is a conference presentation  that I never wrote up.  I have now pretty much finished it and had a native Arabic speaker check the sections about Arabic writing.  I just have to format and proof it and then I will submit it first to ELT and then if that fails to a Gulf publication.  Maybe the one from the uni where I did the research.   The second is some research I did with a colleague.  We submitted it to one journal which asked us to add all this stuff  which we attempted to do taking the words up to 9000!  Sadly it was still rejected though they gave us even more advice.  I am in the process of reducing it back down to 5000 for an Australian journal – certainly can’t include everything their advice asked for regarding details of method. i am following others from the Oz journal who include no such details and realizing advice from 1 journal does not necessarily help with another.  I guess that’s why it is important to pick the right journal in the 1st place.    I have got rid of 2000 word but still have 2000 to go.  I think I can do it but I will certainly have to kill some darlings.

I have put a time limit on myself:  Both must be submitted before I go back to uni or thrown in the bin!


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