Full Steam Ahead


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Fearing derailment

This week I am drafting the outline of a research proposal which will go to my DOS for approval before I write it up properly for ethics. I have to do it because I joined the research group at work but  I am trying to design it as close to what I think my research will actually be so it is most useful to me.

I have pitched it as a pilot because I don’t want to get caught up doing a big research project when I need to start my real one but I can’t start any data collection for my real one before I get ethical approval for it – I presume.

I have this eerie feeling of Deja Vu because I feel like maybe I will write my research proposal (the real one not just this one) but it won’t actually turn out to be something my supervisors want to supervise and I’ll have to start again – again.  I have been trying to avoid this by stalking them and trying to anticipate what they will want from me.  Now that term has started I guess I can just ask them but to be honest I am not sure what, exactly, I should ask.

Oh well – back to it.  That’s all the time my study timetable allows for moaning on my blog I’m afraid.


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