The prelude is coming to an end.



Submitted final assignment for coursework.  Theoretically, it should be fairly close to my confirmation paper but as my supervisors haven’t read it yet this remains to be seen.  My supervisors are apparently “discussing my supervision” so I hope this doesn’t mean they are dumping me because my methodology was chosen purely because they do it.  If they ditch me I’m stuffed.

I am trying desperately to get my ethics through before the students leave – in case my contract isn’t renewed.  If I can get the ethics papers signed I think I can collect the data anytime from anywhere because I can do it online.  After being so busy writing everything now I am just waiting : for the supervisors to sign the ethics form and my DOS to send my request for permission to do the research to the Dean.

Suppose I should look at an unfinished article. – Will e-mail colleague now.


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