Out of steam before I have begun

I feel like everything has ground to a halt.  I didn’t get my ethics application signed off time to collect data this year.  I don’t know if I have a next year in Oman.  Getting sick of things and feeling I don’t want one.  The age factor is creeping up on us.  This is the last job my husband is likely to get because he will be hitting 60 and unemployable soon.  I am not far behind.  I am not sure why we let ourselves get so old!

I haven’t done any study since I realised my ethics was doomed.  I will try to collect some data without consent and then I can work on publishing something about that just from CAS and not UNE. At least it will be something to show for my year here.

In a week or so I have to submit my revised proposal and a reading list.  Not have access to a physical library is going to be an ongoing problem I can tell.  All the references are books but I can’t order any books because I don’t know if they will get to me in time before a I leave.  It’s also expensive to have to buy all the books rather than just borrow them and then choose the best to buy.  I have found a couple of e-books but I dislike reading off the screen.

Anyway – I’ll check in with my top spinning act and get back to it.



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