And only downhill from thereon in

How to write a confirmation paper from Salalah to Gloucester –  and back but really that didn’t help (cont)

Step 2 Salalah to Muscat – 1.5 hour plane trip

I always work in 1 hour blocks so I figured it was just the perfect amount of time to get a good start but


I forgot about the inflight entertainment.




Step 3 –  12  hrs at Muscat airport

Showing admirable self control NOT trying to fit in the opera with a friend on the same plane though I still feel I would have probably made it back by my flight.

Settled down to work – checked e-mail – Well you know just before starting only to find the editor of Gulf Perspectives had asked for some edits ASAP.  Sadly, the confirmation document remained unopened but I got the edits knocked over and was ready to knuckle down to the task at hand in the next step.

Step 4 – Muscat to Delhi

Ah the problem with cheap Air India flights is that the chairs are so close together that at night (which it was) when the person in front pushes their chair back your laptop can no longer fit on the tra table let alone open enough to use.  Nothing for it but to try to get some sleep ready to start work at the next step.

Step 5 – 9.5 hours at Delhi airport

quick nap then:

Then into the paper

Then into the paper

Breakfast Dosa

Breakfast Dosa









The main task was to redo the literature review and try to put some systemic people in there.  I thought I would start by cleaning up my Mendeley because I felt sure there were some stemicists hiding in there somewhere.   By boarding I was only about up to F working through my 1000 and something references (mostly irrelevant to the current study).

Step 6 – Delhi to Sydney

Jet lag had left me devoid of all reason and I was unable to let go of the task of tagging and cleaning up every single pdf in my Mendeley.  But how easy was it going to be to write articles when I had finished?

Step 7 – Sydney to Gloucester


Why don’t I live in Australia?  Because people on the train talk very LOUDLY the whole way about how to break into stolen luggage – potential and no doubt excellent investment opportunities they could offer each other and how expensive their shoes are.  All riveting stuff, unfortunately because it distracted me so from the article.

Step 8 – 3 weeks in Barrington.

What little sanity had been left to me on arrival was quickly whisked away by my stubborn parents.  I found myself completely addicted to not only tagging but now also summarising all my pdfs. However,  I found   palliative care duties don’t actually leave much time in the day so I didn’t work very far through this process.

Step 9 – Barrington to Tweed Coast 

Back on the train to Brissie- shared with a guy who polished off 7 little bottles of wine after I got on and kept saying ” I see you’re working so I’ll just tell you one last thing…”

Arrived at friend’s house who thought I had come to celebrate her 70th – planned next day at library gone – oh well lunch was probably more pleasant.

Train again to Gold Coast – Grandson waiting at exit – not a chance of study for the next couple of days so I didn’t lose a minute with him.  I even took him to bed with me!

My beautiful boys

My beautiful boys

Step 10 – Tweed to Melbourne

Plane – Train – Tram – Lost cat – 2 days of putting up posters and consoling grief stricken daughter.

No progress on paper

Step 11 – Melbourne to Athens

Exhausted by family responsibilities I put ear-plugs in, eye mask on and slept the whole way to Doha .  I knew I would have 12 hours in a hotel in Athens so figured it would be good to be awake enough to work there.

Surprise meeting of husband at Doha so I didn’t have to be alone in Athens – Oh well I was missing him

Step 12 – 9 days in Greece

I did my best but I was in Greece.

I did my best but I was in Greece.

I actually started to work through the document and read the supervisors comments.

Step 11 – Athens – Doha – Muscat – Salalah

Finished reading through the document and began some edits.  difficult to get a handle on it s a whole without printing it.

Final step – Home in Salalah



2 days of some work.  Printed my edits so far. Other superviser added her comments to the last version so I have had  to keep working between the 2 docs.


After 2 days home a friend came for a week so we were showing her around though I got an hour’s work in most days.  She left today but here I am blogging instead of working.  The thing I wanted to say is that

Tomorrow is the day I really start work on my confirmation document!!!








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