Can’t work – so tired waiting for my super vegan powers to kick in. Husband on cooking strike because I am making him go on a diet. Not midnight yet but I am done.

But the exciting thing is that my Kindle is in Salalah so it made it through customs:  here’s hoping all those plagiarised PDFs work on it!

I am really stuck on my interview protocol.  My past supervisor gave me this 4×4 framework thing for persuasive writing but on doing a bit of reading I think I am not supposed to use the filled in framework but fill in a new one with the results of my research.  I think I have to rewrite all my questions.

All my supervisors are away.  That’s a thing with my supervisors. Though they answer e-mails I don’t like bothering them while they are away.

I think I will sleep now and try again tomorrow.



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