Supervisor’s meeting

Notes from Supervisory meeting 15.09.17

Topic Action
Problem with Skype.

Unfortunately, your voices were not recorded but these are the notes as I remember, prompted by my answers.


Fix Skype on my computer or find alternative.


We discussed what data I have and what I might need.  The data comes from different students (between English and Communications) but they are all 1st yr students; just different cohorts.  I noted it is easy for me to get more data from English, but not from Communications.

I have a course outline and marking matrix for the English subject and course outlines for some of the Communication subjects.


We discussed the logging of what information I can about the data. I said I have done this on a spreadsheet.

I don’t know the ages of these students and the Dean will not permit me to ask student admin for any information.


See if I can collect the English essays for students who’s Communications essays I have.


Look for other supporting documents:  What is available to teachers/Students.

Write up some background notes about this and the marking processes.

Use this spreadsheet to make a more meaningful code for each item I have collected, as presently they are just numbered.

Establishing “expert models”

Discussed how complicated this is: influences of Arabic/English/Indian

English models in the textbook are for western universities.

Check consent wording to check if I can show the other teachers and ask what they like/dislike about certain essays.
Background information


Follow up references on ethnographic research.

Write up stuff about the influence of Arabic/Islam on student’s writing.  NB consider if/how this influences markers.


Beginning analysis Start a first analysis using Theme just to see if this seems like it will be useful.  Look at Macro & Hyper themes for eg
Next meeting

Susan away 22nd – 29th.

This time slot of a Friday seems a good time for all.

I will do some work on these points and e-mail it when ready.



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