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This is the record of my Doctor of Education candidature.  I work as an ESL teacher so my research is related to ESL. Beyond that, I am afraid I don’t really know yet.

Sappho - teacher born in Greece 615BC

Sappho – teacher born in Greece 615BC

This blog will serve as my research diary and as such, is not really meant to be read by anyone but me and maybe my supervisors.   However, I don’t know if it is just me but whenever I write a diary I am actually always imagining someone else reading it, usually because I have become so famous that for generations to come people study everything about me.

My plan is to use the site to organise my work.  Someone once told me he felt being an academic was a bit like working as a circus performer doing one of those plate spinning acts.  You have to set the plates spinning one at a time and keep running between them giving them a bit more of a spin.  I intend to make a page for each of the plates I have spinning at any given time.  However, some of them will be copyrighted to my uni and some might be things I am working on with another person and so these pages will be password protected.

A note of explanation about my header picture on the homepage.  It is not actually a picture of me but embarking on a doctorate seems a bit like venturing out into the desert alone.   Also I began in Australia and now I am in Oman. Both are places where you could get lost in the desert if you decide to head that way. I have to admit that I am somewhat attracted to deserts.


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