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How to write a confirmation paper from Salalah to Gloucester. 

Step 1: Get a good night sleep the night before. Ok so not such a great start Advertisements

Because we al love a free book  


OMG I think I have truly chosen the most boring pointless PhD topics in the history of PhD topics Ha ha I wrote that before reading the Post grad conference timetable.  Now I know I picked a bad topic I wish I had picked: Response of broiler chickens to diets containing different levels of sodium […]


Dear Jennifer, Thank you very much for sending your conceptual framework. Am really looking forward to talking more about your project on Wednesday. In the meantime, here are some references you might like to consider as you develop your literature review:       in Mendeley (This will be in the UNE library if not […]

100 weeks

I believe I will take 100 weeks to write up my thesis once I actually get started.  this is 1000 words a week which I have proven in the last 2 weeks is doable .


What is it with me and supervisors?

Not so everyday

quo·tid·i·an kwōˈtidēən/ adjective of or occurring every day; daily. “the car sped noisily off through the quotidian traffic” ordinary or everyday, especially when mundane. “his story is an achingly human one, mired in quotidian details” synonyms: daily, everyday, day-to-day, diurnalMore Perhaps the author was attempting to inject some humor by using this not so everyday […]


OK I am starting to get it a little bit now – but it still seems like a long way around to say the obvious.

The things you learn as an ESL teacher.

“Analysis” is the singular noun; “analyses” is the plural. I never knew that!    

I’m back

Hurray! I am back on the internet and (not so hurray) back at work so no more reasons not to study. Well I have been reading  but not really with a clear enough focus.  I am not really sure how to proceed as I need to learn how to do systemic functional linguistics and this […]