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The eye of the storm

So interesting looking back over this and seeing all my ideas being dashed.   I note especially the research group and the ethics process.  I am wondering right now whether my ethics papers are all floating out to sea.  What will that mean if it has happened?  Is this a turning point or yet another start […]

Skype meeting 05.12.17- From Tblisi Summary Action require Update Research questions I said how to actually do the data analysis was worrying me–I am trying to read but feel unfocused because SFL feels too vast so am wanting some direction so a fair bit of discussion was about that: Susan said:  get back to research […]

I love the thought of the entrance to the National Gallery of Georgia being in someone’s backyard.


New year – New Study Timetable

Although I have been back in Oman a few days now, so far I have just been unpacking the house; tracing down the things that were lost in storage; dealing with the stray cat problem; catching up with everyone and getting over a bad dose of stomach flu I picked up in Turkey. I have […]

The plan

Trying to plan to maximise my time : I think I will aim to write 2oo – 250 words a day – doesn’t seem too difficult in theory – let’s see how I go.  I’ll try to do it on top of the other stuff – like data analysis as my supervisor said I should […]

Hurray for me!

Finally confirmed – and it only took me 6.5 years – 3 universities and 11 supervisors!


Did I ever mention that I hate systemic linguistics?

Writing from the edge but not for the edge


Can’t work – so tired waiting for my super vegan powers to kick in. Husband on cooking strike because I am making him go on a diet. Not midnight yet but I am done. But the exciting thing is that my Kindle is in Salalah so it made it through customs:  here’s hoping all […]

And only downhill from thereon in

How to write a confirmation paper from Salalah to Gloucester –  and back but really that didn’t help (cont) Step 2 Salalah to Muscat – 1.5 hour plane trip I always work in 1 hour blocks so I figured it was just the perfect amount of time to get a good start but I forgot about […]