Research Ideas

Orality, Text and the modern Omani Student

Jennifer Ball Research proposal 29.11.2017


Pictorial study – take photos and compare quantity of written information in various settings, eg student centres, tourist attractions.



Collecting Ethnographic Data – the Lived Experience of Every EFL Teacher.

egs of day to day experiences that are different to your previous higher education teaching experience: / or ask them to comment on the dichotomies ( high context/ low context) and if they agree and have witnessed this.  (English and Arabic and other  speaking teachers)


classroom interaction




If you can give an eg that illustrates each point

Things you have tried that have worked


What feedback do students value? ie Why didn’t the students use the grammar corrections in their ppts?



Interview academics about the dissemination of their work – the value of conferences over publication for eg or any other ways they see to disseminate.


Interview academic about how they enact ministry created learning objectives


Using Genre analysis for needs analysis in an Omani college course.  See research proposal drafts up to submission of coursework


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