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Who cares?

When I posted my last post i realised it also went onto Facebook.  So I hid it from my page, presuming none of my FB friends have any interest in my research diary.  This made me think of a couple of things: Why am I making a public research diary? – apart from the fact […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs better known as First Things First

As I approach my keyboard to begin I hear the afternoon call to Prayer.  It is so beautiful I am tempted to digress and recall the first time I heard the call to Prayer at dawn one morning in New Deli some 20 or more years ago.  But alas this is a research diary not […]

It all starts here.

That’s a lie of course. Everybody’s research starts long before their research diary, which is what this is by the way: A research diary to accompany my EdD. That’s a Education Doctorate for those asking. Everyone does. ay, there’s the rub