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I have been plodding away with lots of reading and quite enjoying it: Re-reading a lot of theoretical stuff that I haven’t read for a very long time Wishing I had all my books with me – but when I had them I had never actually even unpacked them!  I wonder if I will ever […]

thoughts about coursework

To compare what we are teaching with what the students need to know. After reading the textbook suggested by my supervisors, it has really been brought home to me how far apart these 2 probably are when preparing students for English medium schools  in non English speaking (non western for want of a better term) countries. […]

Action Research

Went to a seminar today given by a guest speaker from the local university. It had occurred to me that it might be appropriate for me to do action research given that this is and EdD. I think this is a definitely something for me to consider. Some point of classroom practice that I want […]