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Genre AnalysisEnglish in Academic and Research Settings

Front Cover
John Swales -pp119 – 177



  • setting up the analytical tool. 


If Jennifer is going to use Theme, she should read Halliday’s Origin of species paper and Martin’s Life as a noun paper. I don’t have the specific references on me, but they both are in the Writing Science book.

Read articles from Zuocheng

There is now a literature on discipline literacies and disciplinarity that you may wish to explore to some extent in your lit review. Whether you finally settle on the term ‘subjects’ or ‘disciplines’ will depend eventually on your interpretation of this literature. There is definitely a distinction between EAP and subject English that needs to be maintained

The three circle model has been criticised for using the inappropriate political boundaries of country to discriminate between groups of language users (Bruthiaux, 2003; Mahboob & Szenes, 2010), but it remains a useful tool for discussing differences in the uses of English across the world. Yes true – you may go into this more in the thesis. Also some of our colleague Finex Ndhlovu’s work may be useful here.


find :

– A new grammar companion for teachers (Derewianka 2011)


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nominal density analysisi


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You can find a description of some genres in the fields of linguistics and biology in a university in Hong Kong In Dreyfus, S. J., Humphrey, S., Mahboob, A., & Martin, J. R. (2016). Genre Pedagogy in Higher Education. The SLATE Project. London: Palgrave MacMillan.

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Aso check up on the Tunisians








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