Visual Cognition

Something I am interested in is the way the actual visuals of text are processed and how this might differ between languages.  From learning about visual processing disabilities in English readers, I know how incredibly complex the cognitive skills involved in reading English are, and how problematic their development can be.  I wonder if non-native readers bring the level and range of developmental cognitive skills they need to learn to read English, or do they attempt to rely on different, inappropriate skills developed reading their native languages.

This is a presentation (with notes) on a small research I did at Zayed University in the UAE.

TESOL Arabia 11.03.2014

This is the subsequent article:

Visual processing skill barriers in students with Arabic as a first language

This is the draft  of my previous confirmation document, abandoned because it is apparently a full-time PhD in Psychology not a part-time EdD 😦     Whenever I look at it I think this topic really was too hard but infinitely more interesting than Systemic Functional Linguistics, but then what isn’t?

old confirmation draft


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