Working Titles

from Thu:  “Mapping English academic genres in Arabic speaking countries: bridging English academic writing gaps for Arabic tertiary students”

The Writing Requirements in an Omani English Medium Tertiary Institution


Identifying and meeting the needs of students in an English academic preparation program


Mapping degree requirements to prep curriculum


Preparing preparing English L2 students for English medium university.

This title is simple but contains the 2 halves: the prep (what are we doing) and the  degree study they are aiming at (What will they actually need to know)

Both ends include many parts which could potentially be explored and compared.  At the prep end I could look at curriculum compared to what teachers actually teach compared to  what is tested.  Perhaps teachers’ opinions of what should be taught or even students’ opinions of what they need to learn.

At the degree end I could look at what tasks students need to achieve and how these are assessed.  I could look at what parts of assessment students score well or poorly on.  Once again I could look at what the curriculum is as opposed to what teachers teach as opposed to what is assessed.  Also what do teachers and students think should be taught/assessed.


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